Sculptures and drawings 

One is privileged in Normandy: in all styles, there are extraordinary wood carvers and Dominique BACHELET is easily placed in this valorous cohort in love with the vein and mixing essences, rustic without doubt, but so luminous. This self-taught Amfreville Campaign in the Eure has subjugated by his natural talent and imaginative many salons of Haute-Normandie, harvesting the distinctions without problem. In a decade and a half he has proved the quasi-carnal definition of his motives, of which he softens the native rigor without losing an inch of evocative power. Excellent cartoonist and portraitist, Dominique BACHELET holds in him the perception in space of the subject that inspires him, ranging from the most attractive and sensual bust of walnut that fascinates the gaze along the veins of the wood, up to the contemporary emanation Of a perennial and universal art where sensations and imagination reign. Here is an amazing artist, respectful of the real in his time, but also a pure seducer in works conquering by their singularity that it leads to effects of brilliance on the surface, and fond of the extreme of a soft roundness and Enveloping.

André RUELLAN, art critic